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I have been participating in the sport of Street Luge since early 1993. It was introduced to me by my friend and teammate Darren Lott.

During my traveling days with Nabisco, I would spend a fair amount of time in Southern California (I'm from New Jersey). One day Darren approached me all excited. "You've got to try this" he said. Apparently, a French film crew was doing a story on Extreme sports and they heard about Street Luge and Darren at the Drop Zone (something else Darren got me to try).

Darren had spent all weekend building a board based on his Street Luge days in the late 1970's and then he got his room mate to ride with him for the French film crew. Darren then approached me on my next business trip. He plopped me on the old "carpet board" while he rode his new board. I was hooked.

I started competing soon after with FIGR (Federation of International Gravity Racing) and then EDI (Extreme Downhill International) and the X Games. The X Games was governed by the IGSA (International Gravity Sports Association). I've raced on the east coast of the US with the NSLA (National Street Luge Association - photo pages 11, 12, 16).

International experience includes Canada, Austria (photo pages 13, 21, & 32), Scotland, Australia, South Africa and Sweden.

My latest experiences over the past months includes the Demon's of Downhill Ohio World Cup, and the Tiger Mt. Fun Run in north Georgia.

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