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I was lucky enough to make it to Wally's Fun Run in Wheeling West Virginia on April 22-23. Lucky 'cus for a week all the weather people said was rain rain rain. Wally made a call and all was good.... no... Great!

For those who have not been to a Wally fun run, he has both the temperament ("hey man, cool you could make it"), property (he housed 20+), roads (see photos), and resources (BBQ ribs, big ass porch, vehicles and drivers!) essential for any successful fun run.

Dave Earwood and I drove 7-1/2 hrs from CT for some serious fun. We were not disappointed!

The weekend started out with some overcast skies and my car acting up. While my friend Kent and I took my car to the dealer, Wally and friends did a few runs at the airport road. I made it back in time to hit the Park road. This is the scene of a future race if all goes well.

After the first day of riding, Roland and Bob meet for the first ever powered street luge race. Wally's friend secured a 1/8 mile drag strip for the event.

Bob smokes it out.
Photo Courtesy of Kent Kochheiser -

Bob was off to and early start as Roland missed the green.

Really cool hairpin on the Park road. Maybe a race in it's future like I mentioned at the top.
Photo Courtesy of Kent Kochheiser -

Herd of cows. :)

The real herd. We had over 25 riders.

Roland takes some POV video as I take a POV still.

I love these choo choo shots that Kent takes. This was just a few seconds after the shot above.
Photo Courtesy of Kent Kochheiser -

Dean, Victor?, and Joe head into the apex of a corner. We closed this road like all others but one.

Dave Earwood rode with other riders for the 1st time. Chaput already has him wearing a sticker!

Chris leads our host (you know, Wally! Haven't you been reading!) into a turn on the Dallas Pike road.
Photo Courtesy of Kent Kochheiser -

Damn idyllic huh?

Wally digs the bifocals when he rides... That way he can read the writing on the wall!

The KY contingent was out in full force. Hi to you too!

Earwood and AJ in the final turn.

The final hill was the firehouse road. 65+ and OPEN. Crazy 'cuz a silly fireman tried to stop Wally and crew a few years back. Wally's been taking this picture in front of his firehouse ever since!

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