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GSI's 1st event of 2007 was on Vermont's Mt Ascutney. The road was very fast and proved to much for me (see pictures below that explain).

There was an amazing turn out (I guess we were all itching to hit the road after the long winter!) with lots of newcomers.

Final results can be found on the GSI site.

As always, Neil Orta ran a tight ship. Neil and I shared a very cool condo at the Mt. Ascutney Resort just a couple of miles from the course.

This is turn 3. Pits and EMT were (thankfully) located just off to the left. Picnic area to the right (In case you didn't know).

Roland on his butt board.

Marc Dean flew all the way from Switzerland to film this corner (OK, he raced too).

The Aftermath... Not my proudest moment.

This is what I looked like after a nasty crash (in turn 3). I was going fast and the back end slid into the gravel along the side of the road and I ended up in a ravine about 11 feet below the road surface (or so they say, it's still a little sketchy).

That's the external fixator they used to stabilize my knee before surgery (the swelling took 4 days to go down before they could do surgery). In case you're wondering, it's bolted into the bones in my thigh and lower leg.

Left arm is screwed up too.

Left arm Before
After (the little circles are staples closing the incisions)

No Before and After of the humerus, they just let it heal.


Left Knee Before...

And After. The Bionic Man.

Some pretty wild scars.

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