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Well after a 4 year hiatus I'm back to traveling for Street Luge. My last trip out of the country was back in 2002 (Scotland).

I traveled with Chris McBride to Sweden for the Åre Mountain Games in July 2006. The trip brought back great memories of traveling Europe in the late 1990's and in the early 2000's. Chris and I started in Stockholm for a couple of days then drove to Åre (pronounced Ora) via the coastal town of Sandsvall.

The race organizers (Peter, Anders, Patrick and Daniel) did a great job as we had 3 days of free riding and then 2 days of racing.

Only one major injury - David Dean was out early with broken tendons in his right foot.

Åre is so far north that the sun "sets" at around 11:30 PM and then "rises" around 1:30 AM. I put set and rise in quotes because while the sun is technically below the horizon, it's never even remotely dark. This phenomenon messed most of us up as we stayed out all "night". Luckily our racing day didn't start until 4PM!

Un-official Results

1st Loïc Zaccaro (France)
2nd John Fryer (US)
3rd Riley Meehan (US)
4th Eugen Forschner (Germany)
5th Paul Busse (US)
6th Chris McBride (US)
7th François Février (France)
8th Tyler Wendtland (US)
9th Dave Auld (US)

1st John Fryer (US)
2nd Eugen Forschner (Germany)
3rd Matthias Lang (Germany)
4th Loïc Zaccaro (France)
5th Tyler Wendtland (US)
6th Beni Weber (Swizterland)
7th Dave Auld (US)

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