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Åre Mountain Games - IGSA World Cup - Åre Sweden - Racing
7/3 - 7/8 2006

I took this through the glass of the gondola we took to the top. You get the idea. About 1.5 miles.

I don't have a turn by turn photo spread (I was lazy I guess) but this is the exit of the final turn. Finish line is just before the hut on the right.

Turn one shot of Beni and Matthias during classic luge practice.

POV shot during Luge practice. I think that's Riley's friend Kurt and John Fryer.

Anne and Chris. I met Anne for the 1st time on this trip but she brings some history with her. She grew up in Feichten Austria - the home of Hot Heels. See photo pages, 13, 21 and 32.
Anne competed in Classic Luge

Tyler and John battle it out. They don't care it's only practice. We all refer to every run as a "race".

Me as I exit turn one. If you're wondering if I can see with that big sticker on my face shield... No, I can't.
Photo Courtesy of Marc Dean

Anders holds one of the daily riders meetings. Definitely different than those in the US. General theme was: be safe 'cus if you get hurt, you're paying for it! Average meeting was 5 minutes.

I follow Riley and John into turn one. This was my second round and John and Riley ended up finishing with the Silver and Bronze. My bad luck.
Photo by Casey Meehan vic Marc Dean's camera

A rare shot of David before his injury. Notice my toe in his ear.

Riley looking smooth into turn one. He finished 3rd you know.

Buttboard semi was a close one.
Photo Courtesy of Marc Dean

No podium shots as the awards were handed out in a tiny bar and it was 140 degrees inside. All sweaty and smelly. Chris has both Buttboard and Streetluge winner shots. These are the medals and trophy that my roommate John Fryer won.

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