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Åre Mountain Games - IGSA World Cup - Åre Sweden - Åre
7/3 - 7/8 2006

We arrived in Åre on Monday night and started practice on Tuesday. That's the village of Åre behind us.

This is the ski trail map for the major mountain in town. Our apartment is the big green dot near the water. The race was held on the road on the left that has two sharp switchbacks.

Probably 11 PM or so. Looking north west over lake Åresjön. You can just see our race road on the right.

Chris, John, Marc and I took the lift up to the top. Åre will be hosting the Alpine world championships in Feb 2007.

Chris and I tried to go gliding but it rained like crazy the day we wanted to go. I'm 0 for 2.

Fellow racer Riley and family did get lucky. I think that may be him under the white glider. Lucky punk!

There is a little valley at the top of the mountain. Looking north.

The final party was at the holiday club. This is a midnight shot from the balcony of the club.

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