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Åre Mountain Games - IGSA World Cup - Åre Sweden - Stockholm
7/3 - 7/8 2006

Chris and I spent 2 days exploring the island city of Stockholm. It's made up of 14 Islands of which we visited 6.

This is the oldest building in Stockholm - A Church as you can tell.

Another Island. I promise not to point them all out as that'll get boring. Notice the three crowns on the top of the monument. These make up the small coat of arms of Sweden. The history of which goes back to the 12th century.

The changing of the guard at the royal palace. The King of Sweden really works here.

The white boat is now used as a youth hostel. We took the sightseeing boat as a taxi to easily move around the islands.

Around 10 PM

We visit one of three ICE bars in the world. The walls, bar, seats and "glasses" were all made of solid Ice.

They gave us nice parkas and gloves to keep warm. The room is kept at -5 degrees C. The ice comes from a lake in Northern Sweden

We took a boat tour. This one was in a RIB (Ridged Inflatable Boat) and we jumped wakes at 50 mph. My Idea of a tour!

Chris and I stopped by Sundsvall Sweden on our war to Åre. The whole town had a Dragon theme. There must have been 20 or more of these little suckers around town.

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