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Åre Mountain Games - IGSA World Cup - Åre Sweden - Party(s)
7/3 - 7/8 2006

The evening started at around 11pm or midnight and took off in this tiny bar off the town square.

Peter (Race organizer) and John wonder what Ross (the Canadian) is all excited about.

Maurice (sp) brought a model and makeup artist to start a 6 week European tour promoting long boarding. They hung in there pretty well.


An American cafe in town. We bellied up.

Local race organizer Daniel was extremely gracious and protective (ask Marcus). Here he shows us a local "trick". I'm afraid I can pull that off these days :)

The apartment with 5 from the US was dubbed "Little America". There were 11 people total in this abode (in case you think I'm kidding: Paul, Marc, Tyler, David D, David K, H1, H2, Marcus, Ross, George and Christoff). You can see why John opted to leave for some peace and quite. Paul did not just fall asleep on that couch, that was his official bed.

In case you were wondering, this is H2 and H1 (L->R) . I'm not the right person to get into it... So to speak.

It got crazy enough that the staff finally gave "Little America" a stern warning. I think the 5.9% alcohol beer was part of the problem!

My self portrait with Daniel and Chris at the final Holiday Club party.

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