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In late February/early March I head out to Southern California for some vacation (AZ and LV too!).

Darren and Pat join me for a great day on Templin Hwy.

We had great weather as usual and I always forget what a fun and demanding hill this is. I was half way down the first two mile run and my neck was on fire. I thought I was done for.

Luckily Pat had some headrest material and I made a big sissy one. Saved me. I can't believe Darren rode a buttboard sans headrest all day.

I think we saw 4 cars and 5 motorcycles the whole time.

Customary shot of the Lake form the dam and power plant at the bottom. Did I say it was a beautiful day?

Pat and I go 1st. The green monster.

Pat and I tended to play tag all the way down. You're it.

Darren and Pat go next.

Darren rolled fast off the line every time. Buttboard remember?

Pat usually got him after the flats.

That makes Pat happy!

Darren and I are next.
Photo Courtesy of Pat Moody


See the big sissy headrest. I loved it.
Photo Courtesy of Pat Moody

Having good and trusted riders around you is always fun.

Darren gets a little push.

Then Darren's visor fly's open. Pat and I both react.

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