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Requisite group photo.

I think it's John but only they can be sure.

Dr. No Junior raced with the pros (I'm not kidding).

Mr. Kahn had a good 1st day as he made the semi finals.

Dr. No Jr. makes it back to the pits after one of many practice runs.

The brothers qualified well.  Practice makes perfect.

The mad push for victory. Unlimited for this course.

John leads Kahn and Peer in his 1st heat.

Dave leads Darren, Mike and Ross in an early round.

Dave makes it through a wreck as John is the victim.

Chris is the beneficiary of the crash making it home in 2nd.

It's what we all REALLY come to races for... talking about it afterwards!

Butt Board podium:
1st: Dave Rogers
2nd: Chris Chaput
3rd: Darren Lott

Jr. Podium was the one and only son of Neil.

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