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Darren Leads Brian in the right hander.

The left hand hairpin was fun for all. You'll see...

Can you tell they're brothers?

Mike was one of 3 riders that "crossed" the Gravity Bike <--> Street Luge line.

John, Dave and Rob all got a "By" in the 1st round because of their qualifying times. They decided to run together just for fun.

Dave leads Brian in an early 2-man heat.

Chris was on fire...John tried at the hairpin but Chris pushed him aside.

Chris didn't have the luck with both brothers as Dave eventually takes him on the outside.

Dave proves his versatility by taking Rob on the inside for the win. What's new?

Street Luge Podium:
1st: Dave Rogers
2nd: Rob Ruhman
3rd: Chris Chaput

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