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I forgot about this event until I read the message board about 9 hours before sign in. I decided to take photos least that's my excuse.

The butt board riders took off at the 1/2 way mark. The course has a nice right turn and then a hard left hair pin to the finish.

The event included in-line, stand-up slalom, butt board, street luge and several silly gravity bike teams as depicted here (just kidding guys!).

Darren (the Cookie Man) Lott surveys the scean after practice.

What the...?

Poor Jason Johnson was a bit under the weather. At least that was his excuse for coming in 1st in the Stock Gravity Bike competition.

An actual photo of West LA College.

The right hand turn is between the two parking lot islands seen in the distance.


Ahhh.. This baby can turn like a son of a bitch. No wonder they have a warning.

A killer board and "Son of a killer board". Look hard and then duplicate like everyone else...

We had a beautiful event with great weather and friendly folk.

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