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Demon's of Downhill - IGSA - Bainbridge OH - Course

If you've never seen the Ohio course (it was my 1st time) these pictures are from the top down. The course is quite narrow and has at least three blind turns. On top of all that we're going about 68 mph (109 kph).

Starting line. Gentle but long left.

More of the left at the start.

Looking uphill, the 1st left ends in a tight right officially called turn 1

Downhill shot of turn 1.

Exiting turn 1 you "see" the 1st blind right turn.

Then a blind left.

The paint marks some road damage. Was bumpy but not too bad.

The "fun" part. A little blind shoot leads to the "chicane". Probably the fastest part of the course if you don't break. Obviously some did.

Close-up of the chicane.

Exit of the chicane leads to another shoot referred to as the lower chicane.

Exiting the last turns brings you to a very, very long straightaway. If everyone in your heat did the upper parts really well, this was were the race was won (or lost).

Finally, the finish (orange cones in the distance).

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