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Demon's of Downhill - IGSA - Bainbridge OH - Racing & Podium

My friend Kent Kochheiser let me use his Nikon D2H so I could get some decent racing photos. His site ( will be updated within a week or so.
John Fryer was on fire. I'm a poet and don't even know it.

David was fast as usual. This is in the chicane.

Me as I enter the 1st turn. Form is not too bad.
Photo courtesy of Kent Kochheiser (

Chris Hicks in the chicane. Chris had a great weekend making it to the final.

Justin Tolman of His new site has a great message board for all things street luge.

Top qualifiers Mike, John and Bill.

Roland just came out for some fun.

My 1st IGSA race in years I ended up with number 172. Most put a number on their helmets as the new luge designs don't have space behind the head. My board is now "old school" so I was ready with bracket and all. Problem was I left all of my 3 number plates at home. No prob, stopped by Loews to get a plastic garbage can and house numbers. With the help of Kent's tools, a number plate was born. Looks OK too if I say so myself.
Photo courtesy of Kent Kochheiser (

Chris leads Chris into turn one.

Beni leads Riley out of the chicane.

3 Bobs! Do you think they train together?

It's Bob again - (Busse was busy selling ice cream and fell behind).

Me as I enter the 1st turn again.
Photo courtesy of Kent Kochheiser (

George came all the way from Europe to race Ohio. Classic only no less.

George did well. Second in the conciliation raced placed him 6th.

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