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Demon's of Downhill - IGSA - Bainbridge OH - General

Yup, it's fall and those are leaves.

Bill Smrtic and family organized a raffle to help support Stacy Allen's recovery. I think $1,300 was raised.
Help support Stacy's recovery:
Stacy Dawn Allen
Benefit Account
c/o SpiritBank, Attn: Brenda Anderson
1800 S. Baltimore Ave. Suite 100
Tulsa, OK 74119
Wiring Instructions-
SpiritBank ABA# 103110376
Beneficiary: Stacy Dawn Allen Benefit Account
Account # 14141899
Attention: Brenda Anderson, Baltimore Branch

Every one wanted to win this board Stacy painted. I know I had a place on my wall all picked out.

IGSA officials showed up in force (Bob & John Ozman and Marcus). Bob was Chief Steward

Gaggle at the starting line.

I forget what they called 'em. No breaks. Had to spin out to stop.

Drunk, drunker and drunkest - you pick!

Where's the love?

The winners of the Festival of Leaves beauty pageant.

No intensity there - we're just having fun!

Bob brought out the jet luge for some loud fun.

Bob lets the winner ride the Jet. The only non-Bob to do so to date.

John's a natural.

Trophy plaques.

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