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California Kickin'
1/29/2006 - Templin Highway, CA

While I was visiting with friends at the Bonelli Race, Rick Wilson asked if a film crew could come to Templin and film us. "As long as they bring a ride" I said. They did and we rode all morning...

For those that have not been there, this is the top of the road we ride. The reservoir powers an electric plant at the bottom.

I was on vacation (I live in Connecticut now) and Pat kindly lent me a board. Darren rides a board he built back in 1995. He went 81.5mph on that thing.

Hod showed up just in time to drive the 1st run.

A little windy but speeds around 60-65.

Darren's old school board led to "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!"

A little POV action before I get too tired.

Nice shot of the camera man hanging on for dear life in the film van.

I hope to have a DVD of the show soon. Will post a video clip.

Pat had a little accident. Look at the photo 2 shots above. He went off right were the van is. It's a common crash site and I spent a good 2-3 minutes telling Hod how tricky it was. Pat ignored me :) I'm sure it will be on the DVD.

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