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IGSA's SoCal Series #1 - Bonelli, CA
1/28/2006 - Results

My 1st visit to the "Old" course in many years. My 1st race was here in 1994. I wasn't even living in California then. The "pits" used to be by the IGSA banner but the park has planted a bunch of green stuff. Probably safer as I seem to remember a gravity car crashing into a lame plywood barrier and taking out a little girl.

I was pleasantly surprised when a bunch of friends showed up. Everyone and his brother & baby actually.

Anybody recognize the gentleman (and I use that term loosely) on the right in the green hat is? Famous you know.

Start was a little further up the hill and on the other side. Made for some pretty slow and long starts.
Tyler has a one-hand-at-a-time pushing style. I've seen someone else use it but can't remember who.

Unfortunately this photo was used to DQ Frank. Any guesses as to why?

Art was at the start. That was smart, he's not a fart (somebody stop me!)

MAC has a clear victory in the consolation final.

A nice pack in the final. John Rogers, Rob Ruhman, Tyler Wentdland

Chris Chaput once again provided (and made!) the trophies.

Podium Shot

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