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X Games 2001 - Course Photos
General Event Photos

ESPN built this really cool ramp to start us off. It really equalized the start. Now all they need is the gates to prevent all those false starts.

Looking up at the start ramp - A small straight before a never ending left nicknamed "The Big Bend"

Looking down at "The Big Bend"

Looking up at "The Big Bend" (I said it was long).

The exit of "The Big Bend" had a right kink before the 90 degree turns called "The Rapids"

1st 90. Most of the crashes were here.

Looking down at the 2nd 90. Usually going slow enough at this point to avoid hayville.

Looking out and down after the 2nd 90. The only straight part of the course.

The finish was between two underpasses (one highway and one train).

The shutdown area was short but the speeds did not cause a problem. Actually, the problem here was the lights. With water on my visor I was pretty much blinded by the lights, left out like a...


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