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Philadelphia was host to ESPN's 2001 Summer X Games. As you will see, the weather made it interesting but neither the crowd or the athletes seemed to mind.

All photos are courtesy of my Uncle. Thanks Larry!

Gerhard and Tom are still friends even though they kept trying to kill each other on the course (Just kidding).

IMAX is making a movie about the X Games that should be coming out in the summer of 2002. Rob Ruhman rode with this 30 pound Panovision camera.

The jumbo tron caught all the action. Here Freyer leads Olivia and Dave in an early heat.

My Family came out to watch. Top L-R My dad and his wife Anna. Bottom my cousin Scott and Aunt Elaine.

The TV monitors in the pit area were very popular - and not just because it was the only dry spot on the course.

Bob Ozman and I during an early round.
Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Inquirer

The rest of my family - Sister Barbara and Mom.

Rat with an on board camera heading down the last straight during an early round. The fans did come despite the rain.

John and Laurie were in good spirits despite John's recent injury. Get well soon!

The Jumbo-Tron catches the beginning of my 1st heat. L-R Me, Nick Duffield (#1 qualifier), Biker (most Street Luge medals at the X Games), Brent Dekeyser (eventual winner), Pat Moody, Bob Ozman (last year's Dual Gold Medalist). Boy was I glad it was raining!

My family was surprised when kids asked for autographs. The X Games remains prestigious.

The fans were eager to get free stuff from the athletes. Nabisco sponsored Darren passed out cookies ;)

This is my favorite picture. The 1st round of King of the Hill. They had 2 4-man heats and a 6-man final. Dennis Derammelaere won for the 2nd straight year.

Brent was truly thrilled to win his 1st X Games Gold. I'm sure he has more in his future.

I was actually pretty thrilled to win my 2nd bronze.

Dave is, as usual, on the podium.

Watch out everyone, he cannot be stopped!
All three medal winners were riding Rogers Brother Street Luges and Randal trucks (although I was on RII's). Randal was thrilled!

The medals this year have a really nice Philadelphia logo.

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