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Red Bull SF 2001 - Race & Big Air Photos
RBSF 2001 General Event Photos

Red Bull once again used Gerhard's cool starting gates.

The officials did their best to keep things running smoothly. The TV footage was very cool (we saw bits of it at the after race party).

Bob emerges from the shadows. Who knew he could push?

Brent was on fire all day and made the podium twice.

Check out the shadows. It's an easy way to tell position.

Chris is just ahead. He also had a good day but ruined much of his equipment.

6-Man final was Lee, Chris and Brent. Lee has won this event every year.

4-man podium was Chris (I think he's crying!), Brent and Jeffrey.

Perry came out of semi-retirement to show off his new baby and his jumping skills.

I really thought Chris had more sense then this.

We all know Jeremy has no sense. That's why we like hanging out with him.

I was hoping one of these photographers would get pegged so they would get out of my way. No such luck although this was a close one.

George looks a little out of shape...Landing was a crash fest.

Jeffrey matched his jump from last year at 83'.

Chris came in second again with 86'.

Waldo's winning form at an incredible 94'. The man is truly insane.

But happy and $1,000 richer.


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