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Red Bull SF 2001 - General Event Photos
RBSF 2001 Race and Big Air Photos

I defend the sanity of my sport staunchley"It's safe and we are not crazy" I say. When people tell me I'm crazy for participating in the Streets of San Francisco event, I don't argue.

Bob and Jason prepared for the "Big" day. Most riders stayed at the Canterbury hotel in Downtown SF. Don't let the Best Western moniker fool you, this hotel had some history.

This is for Pete Love. He gave me two weeks of shit for taking this photo.

Anyone want to go down?

Red Bull, as usual, became the 1st to add this cool luge artwork to the scene.

The MC was a silly man with a big hat. The cops should have arrested him.

Jono was our real MC. Looking good after his nasty accident in Utah. Good to see him on his feet again.

The fans came out in droves. These locals had one of the best views right at the jump.

Not a bad view huh? Maybe someday we will have pit girls like the real pros.
Photo courtesy of Kent Kochheiser

The course was the same as last year except they added a small 1" ramp during racing and a 5" ramp and the Red Bull arch for the Big Air death wish - I mean contest..

Darren Pineau injured his nads during a 4-man heat. He was well enough to take some cool pictures of the event. Check them out.

Last years Big Air champ got plenty of "air" time.

I was the only casualty of the event when I used a utility knife on my thumb (I meant to cut a hole in my number plate). I'd like to thank everyone who suggested truly magnificent stories I could use to explain my injury. But face it, I was stupid. Scroll down to see the thread.

I made it back in time to qualify and race.

Red Bull had really cool trophies this year. This is Jeffrey's 3rd place in the 4-man race.


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