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San Francisco August 11-13, 2000 - Course Photos
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The start was a typical San Francisco hill.  Very steep and bumpy.  There was just not enough time to pick up a lot of speed before the 1st turn.

The 1st turn was a 90 degree sucker.  Strategy abounded as riders in lanes 1 & 6 usually delayed to get a clean run through the turn and a fast run on those that battled through it.

A mellow run salowly picking up speed to the next real turn.

Two easy turns (left then right) just before the Cliff House.

The Cliff House (actual Cliff House on the right).  This was actually a double apex as you can see in the photo.

The Cliff House looking up hill.

The final Esses before the finish line.  A good run out of the Cliff House gave you a chance here although the course was very narrow.

The Esses looking up hill.

The finish.  Plenty of room for breaking

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