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San Francisco August 11-13, 2000 - Event Photos
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The 2000 X Games were held in San Francisco for the 2nd year.

This was my 1st appearance in SF and I was very pleased with both the venue and the outcome.

Even though I did not make the Dual event I faired pretty well in the Super Mass.

The event was held alongside Ocean Beach on the Great Highway.  Right above the sign is the Cliff House restaurant and gift shop.  To the left of athe sign are the Seal Rocks.  The course was known as Seal Rock run with the Cliff House turn.  Brilliant.

Damn, I came to see extreme knitting, not street luggee.

Bob Ozman passes Dave Rogers in an early heat of the Dual event.  Bob went on to win his 1st X Games Medal -  a Gold!

Brothers Dave & John sported new leathers and helmets at the event.
Very spiffy.

The Jumbo Tron was actually used by riders to see the competition behind them (I know I glanced at it a few times!)

John Rogers and Gerhard Lanz in an early Dual heat.

Bob Ozman won the Dual event and was congratulated by all.  This includes tech inspector John Ozman - No relation. Hey wait, John is Bob's brother.  Does anyone think this was a coincidence!!!

This is a photo from the SF Chronicle.  I advanced to the final of the Super Mass race.

After the "Luging" was over we had some fun on our butts (butt boarding to be exact).  That's from right - left, me, Darren, Jason J, Bob O, The Rogers Bros and Gerhard Lanz.

I was unable to finish in the top group as I was busy taking pictures of the race. Wait, I was racing, no taking pictures, no racing, no pictures...

Nice view huh?

Fun Day!

The day after the Luge events of the X Games were over we all headed to Dinosaur Point to ride for pure fun.  The "event" was put on the enthusiastic Steve "Wild Fro" Pearl.

This is the view of the hill from about mid way down.  2.5 miles total with nice gentle turns and around 70 mph top speed.

This was the group by noon or so.  I do not know how many folks showed up as I had to leave to start my 6 hour drive home.  I reaally hope Steve got a ride on his new Rogers Brothers board.

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