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Red Bull Streets of San Francisco - Big Air
July 8, 2000
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The King of Fun (John Moore) was one of the early jumpers in the big air contest.  The contest was assisted by a 4" plywood ramp at the crest of the road and white chalk was added (some say so you could see the landing spot but I think it was for effect - a good one too).  John would have easily won last years event with this effort.
Check out last years photos for comparison.

John Fryer's attempt.  If you think that's high, just wait.

I have been informed that this is Mark Littlefield. Quite a jump!

The media was all over the place.  Here they catch Perry "The Fizz" Fisser about to bend his board.

Al Braun was flying high (usually it's just his personality - not his board).

The winner of last years event, Sean Mallard, almost stayed aloft.

Mike, that had to hurt.

Chris McBride broke a few trucks during the day.  Two on one jump alone.

Now that has to be the winning jump right?  Well even though Chris Chaput's jump was amazing, Jeffrey Schonzeit's jump of 83 feet was about 1' further.
I was unable to get Jeffrey's jump on film but Bob Swartz provided video for this movie.

The big air champion, Jeffrey Schonzeit, gets to do his first interview.  He was a very gracious and humble winner.  We are all proud of you Jeff.

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