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Red Bull Streets of San Francisco
July 8, 2000
(Click here for the Big Air Contest Photos!)

The Red Bull Streets of San Francisco event was all it was built up to be.  One big party.

Every competitor had the above as a backdrop to the number plate (although many ended up breaking off) and the athlete pass on the right.

The event was fully catered and of course we had all the Red Bull we could drink.

Mad Maddox and his V-Max.  No truck? No problem. Strap the Luge to the trusty bike, wear the wedge helmet and blast your way over the Sierra Mtns (Gerek lives in Tahoe).

Scooter Swartz was the youngest competitor at 13.  He got more attention than he wanted with that head. He said it was his dad's idea.

There was a rather lengthy delay at the start of the event so Waldo gave Perry a much needed trim.

We were lucky enough to get the starting gates that Gerhard Lanz designed for Red Bull.  Rumor has it that they could very well be used at the 2000 X Games.

The course was on De Haro drive and was similar to the 1998 event (very steep with 2 big jumps).  Here Mac and Al Braun finish an early heat.

The view was equally splendid.  The crowd arrived after lunch.

Bob Pereyra and I (left) fly over the course in an early race heat.
Photo courtesy of Kent Kochheiser

John Fryer leads Todd Lehr and Waldo over the second jump in a quarter final heat.

Broken foot, broken back, broken board. Heal my brother!

The shadows indicate Perry is just ahead of the Oz as Tom tries to draft while flying over the last jump (dubbed "The Compressor").
Photo courtesy of Kent Kochheiser

Lee Dansie crosses the finish in 1st with Dennis Derammelaere in 2nd and Darryl Thompson 3rd.  John Rogers was also in the final.

Tom Mason once again ran an extremely loose and relaxing event.  He and Red Bull do know how to throw a party!

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