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Madison County Gravity Fest 5 - GSI - Munnsville NY - Parade & Podium Photos

After practice each day, all 75+ riders would "Parade" through the course, waving to fans and friends. These, like the race photos, are arranges geographically, top of hill to bottom.

The parade gang. A dangerous bunch.

We took it slow (which let me turn around on my buttboard to get this shot).

Marc and Dave smile for the camera.

Gang enters Crash Corner. Beagle and Dr. NO lead the pack.

Wide angle shot of Crash Corner.

Podium Photos.

Junior Class
1. Kyle Thomas - Blue Smoke Racing
2. Alex Kiehn - Munnsville Native
3. Ashleigh Cayer - Broken Leg :(

Amateur Buttboard
1. David Eberhard
2. Tim Novak
3. AJ Bianciello (Pro Luger)

Dr. No (Neil Orta) outdid himself again by creating these great Bucket Brigade trophy's.

Amateur Luge
1. Marc Dean
2. David Eberhard
3. John Colmorgen

Pro Street Luge.
1. Dave Auld (me)
2. Richard Hodkinson
3. Mark Dominguez
4. Tony Mistratta
5. Victor Schumacher
6. Joe Kachoris

I was busy taking pictures for Richard and I forgot to get pictures of the Pro Buttboard podium. If anyone can share (Richard!) please send one or two.

Pro Buttboard
1. Richard Hodkinson
2. Chris McBride
3. Roland Morrison

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