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Madison County Gravity Fest 5 - GSI - Munnsville NY - Racing Photos

The following race photos are laid out geographically from the top of the hill to the bottom.
They are not arranged in chronological or "race" order.
The starting line. Tom, Victor, Jeff and Hod in a Pro Buttboard heat.

While not technically a race (it's only practice) this is the view heading into turn one. Hicks on the left, Mark (3rd place) on the right & me in the middle.

Turn 2 is a fun corkscrew that has a pretty wild drop. Tom, Joe and Tony.

Another turn 2 shot. Hod leads Roland, Eric and Bob.

Check out the different lines around turn 2. It is wide enough for 2 or 3 although the inside holds better due to the road's camber.

The exit of turn 2 starts a series of little chicanes and the speeds pick up to about 65mph.

A gang heads into Crash Corner. Tony, Joe, Roland, John and...?

Another Crash Corner entrance by Bob and Justin.

A downhill view of the Crash Corner Apex (missed by Ronnie has he recovers and Chris has him in his sights).

Uphill view of Crash Corner Apex (Rick checks out Amateur Luge winner Marc Dean).

Exit of Crash Corner. Tom getting creative to avoid Roland while Chris takes the heat.

This a shot of the last corner and the exit of Crash Corner (above). Joe takes Jeff on the inside while Eric recovers from a taste of hay.

Finish line! The actual Pro Street Luge final (by a nose).
Photo courtesy of Chris McBride

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