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Madison County Gravity Fest 5 - GSI - Munnsville NY - General Photos

Munnsville takes the cue from Providence RI which advertised "The Home of the Gravity Games" for years.

Upper NY state is indeed farm country. Registration and Technical inspection tent in foreground.

Rick Wilson (San Diego) came to race but since he's been tech inspector at both the X-Games and the Gravity Games it seemed only natural to put him to work (he said it was a good chance for him to check out the competition).

Beagle Jarvis (he started all this 'ya know) was kind enough to MC the event from Crash Corner. It added a lot of excitement.

Beagle arranged to have us all say a "get well, having a great time" to Stacy Allen who is recovering from a Street Luge accident from about a year ago.
Help support Stacy's recovery:
Stacy Dawn Allen
Benefit Account
c/o SpiritBank, Attn: Brenda Anderson
1800 S. Baltimore Ave. Suite 100
Tulsa, OK 74119
Wiring Instructions-
SpiritBank ABA# 103110376
Beneficiary: Stacy Dawn Allen Benefit Account
Account # 14141899
Attention: Brenda Anderson, Baltimore Branch

Saturday was called at 3pm when this rain was followed by a tornado warning. See 'ya.

The mayor of Munnsville gave a little talk that evening. The pavilion was home to most after race activities.

Including a little Karaoke Saturday Night. Kludy is multitalented. To see if he can sing just check out the reaction on the far left.

Another Kludy talent. A pyro after my own heart!

Final race day Sunday turned out beautifully. This is the view from turn two.

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