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John Cazine and I headed to Raging Waters/Bonelli park to check out the race revival. The race was on the "new" course so we missed our chance to see the old set-up and cozy pit area. Stayed for only an hour or so so not too many shots. 4/23/05

Bonelli Park has tons of attractions for almost any outdoor adventurer.
Rain stayed away, maybe their luck is changing.

Waldo and Busse were there. I think this is my 3rd or 4th shot of hairstylist Waldo. Does he go anywhere without a pair of scissors?

I so rarely see a new and interesting board design. All made from 1/4" steel rod with nice corduroy padding.

Mac leads Busse in an early heat. A common position for Mr. Mike.

I'm pretty sure that's Frank Waterhouse in the lead of his 1st heat.

Tyler Wetland (sp) takes a peak at Waldo just before crossing the finish line.
Waldo had his leathers stolen so he was using a borrowed set from Busse.

Now that's a fun finish (Mac had crossed the line far enough in front that I got a picture of him too!)

Playing around. Nice that it's so slow at the finish you can get away with some.

Been to "Raging Waters" about a dozen or so times and never actually saw the slide. Closed for "winter".

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