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Templin effected a bit by the recent rain...

OK. Maybe more than a bit! This is just before the "flats" section.

We decided to try heading a bit further up. The road here is in bad shape but it makes for an interesting ride.

This turn really comes into play when you start that high. Actually gotta break (or crash as I've seen many times).

Darren came prepared with helmet mirrors and a GPS radio. Tested out well. And what is that I see in the background?

John Cazine! He rides again (If we can him into his leathers). Darren checks his dick radio.

The crowd grows...  Steve Fernando as well as Nick and friends.

We decided to try the lower half of the road for a little speed. Hit 59 MPH according to the GPS.

Mac makes a showing. He was on his bike after a couple of runs.
Darren shows Steve how to survive on the wood art Darren likes to ride.

A little Choo Choo.

There were lots of signs of the recent rains - Green grass and mud slides.

John doesn't know to stay away. Another for the collection.

I'll take it down if Mel wants.

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