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Steve Fernando posted a message asking if anyone was interested in riding Templin Highway. Well I've been driving to Fresno a bunch this year and I stopped by Templin a few times to check out the road condition. The road looked great and I jumped at the chance. Saw a few friends along the way...


When going to Templin, we all meet at the water tower. That big green thing in case you were wondering.

Rick Wilson came set-up with rear brakes. Worked pretty well too.

Rick's decked out board. A UFO original, #2 I hear.

The part we ride (some of it seen here) is about 2 miles long. Top speed around 75mph. The fun part is not the speed, it's the fact that you really do move around a lot. Sweeping turns, bumps (you can get air if you're not careful) and even a small uphill section.

The "fish" tales are always fun. We spent almost half the time catching up on each others lives.

Mason and Colabella stopped by to say hi. Nice catching up.
Photo provided by Steve Fernando

Steve and Darren approach the 1st of over a dozen turns.

Ahhhh.. California in the fall. Upper Castaic Lake

Can't you tell Rick's grinning from ear to ear?

I took a chance at taking a few POVs

Rick (on the right) kept losing his head rest. After 5 runs my neck gave out. Completely.

Great day. Thanks guys.

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