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Benefactors Bash - An AGRO fundraiser. (small movie)
May 16th 2004
The group poses for the traditional "Have a Nice Day" shot - Danger twist.

O.K. - I know we're all friends but tying yourself to someone? It's an race idea I came to call "Danger Danger"!   Hod and I lost early :(

I'm not kidding. 4 teams went down this technical hill tethered to another with red "Danger" tape.

Pat and Chris eventually won the crazy (and OK, fun) event. They danced like giddy school girls.


If you haven't yet seen "Wonder View", it's time to get out of your cave!

The next event was the relay. 4 teams, 4 riders each, 4 start points. Just a tad crazy.
Oh yeah, the silly cones tell you what team you're on - Red, Green, Gold or Bad Blue (winner?)

An eight man choo choo.

R.Shoaff ended up here after what sounded like an incredible"OFF" at the burm turn (he's OK!).

Darren receives his award. I was bit jealous until I found out that we all get one!

See? Very nice work by DR.

- Speed Freaks -
Not enough fun yet - most of us head to the Dump Road.

Rob, Mac and I at a respectable 40 mph

Rob and I at a dizzying 65+. Rob latter got a GPS to read 69.2 mph

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