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Back in the Saddle- My 1st ride in almost a year.
February 15th 2004
I head out to the great west to brush the cobwebs off my Streetluge.

Poor Dave was in a cast from a front side grind gone bad while in a local skate park.
Think it's time to start acting your age?    Nah!

We usually had 8 or so on the road at one time. Lots of shuffling around as you can imagine.

In order: entrance to Wonder View, exit of Wonder View, Berm Turn, and the final chicane
Funny thing is, the "Wonder View" is behind me.


Digger makes a showing but who invited the vulgar Brit (giving us all the finger in the back)?
Glad to see you're up and about Hod.

Darren Pat and I head into the 1st turn.

It's tough riding with one hand. I give John tons of credit for all his close-up video footage. I was hoping the pack would pass so I could get a few more people in the shots but alas...

You sure you want to hear what he has to say?.

Chris brought out all the new toys. That boy is busy making his mark on the sport. Thanks Chris.

What a great day in every way.

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