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Arizona Outlaw 2003

James Olson, Chad Cooper, Brian Hager and I met in central Arizona for the 1st Arizona Outlaw race. James went all out as you will soon see.

1st unofficial official outlaw race in Arizona.  
2.8 miles of smooth pavement, with a nice gravel laden corner.
Slightly technical drag-race with great no breaking action.
Speeds were in the high 60's and were pushing 70mph by the end of the day.
For a last minute, spur of the moment thing everything went well.
Weather was great a nice 79 degrees with some wind to cool things off.
We held time trials for the trophies (plaque's) 2 runs, best run wins.

The hill was about 45-60 minutes north east of Phoenix. Snow in AZ?

Brian, James & Chad.

James spent a considerable amount of time making not only trophies (scroll down) but inspection stickers.

As outlaws usually do... we all failed

It took me a while to realize that this POV shit was crazy. New hill, borrowed board, 65 mph and I'm navigating by looking through a 1.5" LCD camera screen. Duh.

James, Chad and I (told you I was there). James let me barrow his old gear.

As usual, the locals came out to see what all the excitement was about

Brian in fine form.

This was really stupid. Probably 60 mph and with a hard right turn with guardrail.

James rounds the last corner. A little dirty but one of the most fun.

We all enter the same turn (from a slightly different perspective).

James brought along his timing system. Very cool. It handles 3 riders on the course at one time and utilizes a buzzer sounded over a radio to start the rider. I missed the timing session as I arrived late but James was the fastest.

I was on his ass though! Now that's a close-up.


Brian's timed runs: 1st - 1:40.96   •   2nd - 2:13.95
Chad's timed runs: 1st - 1:24.97   •   2nd - 1:23.90
JamZ's timed runs: 1st - 1:24.28   •   2nd - 1:21.86

A Note from James
"The outlaw race podium: Dave missed the qualifier race earlier in the morning
so later on I forfeited my trophy to him as he was the champion of the day
by driving 3 hours to come ride on a whim, way to go Dave." - James

Nice job on the trophies huh? Can't wait for the next race. Very fun hill.


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