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3rd Annual Fun Run - Summaries
July 28, 2002
Dinosaur Point - San Luis, CA - Wild Fro Street Luge School

About 20 riders showed up at Dinosaur Point the day after Red Bull's Streets of San Francisco race. This is supposed to be a fun run and not a competition but you know how we get...

12 at once always makes for an interesting ride. Wanna learn how to draft? Spend a day at the Dinosaur.

Those drafting fools are in the back getting ready to take advantage of all the sheep in front.

The POV shooting is fun. I tried my new camera to see how it would perform. Pics came out OK but the memory card door opens too easily and the camera stops working until it's closed. Hard to do at 70 mph.

Furlong is good at getting right in front of me. Camera whore!

Richard Hodkinson joins the fray.

Now it's Gatley's turn.

Finish is that fun sweeping left. You really have to hold on at these speeds, it can fool you.

Richard is not waving hello, he's desperately trying to get everyone out of his way or he'll run into them. No brakes you see. Nothing new for Richard...

Back up. Steve, and Guy were tireless driving up and down all day.

I like this one with the camera shadow.

Had to get the legs in there just to prove it was me and not some other luger.

Steve was master of cerimonis during the big raffle. I think we all owe Steve a big thank you for all he's done for the sport in such a short time.
Thank You!

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