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Highland Wheels Extreme - Aviemore Scotland - Vacation (More)
5/31 - 6/2 - 2002
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There were a lot of Aulds in Scotland. I felt like I belonged.


I told you I belonged...

No Scottish vacation would be complete without a guy playing the bagpipes. So here it is.

This is were the bagpiper played and my dad stayed.

On day 4, we took the ferry to the Isle of Skye.

We're generally a happy bunch but this is too happy. Reason is, I set my camera on auto and had to fly around the pond to make it in time. Took a bush out in the process.

Kent and I took the local steam train up to the Boat of Garten for Lunch on day 5.

Local color I guess.

Angus is the largest bull I've ever seen (Not counting those state fare freaks).

Does your local bank look this good?

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