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Highland Wheels Extreme - Aviemore Scotland - Vacation
5/31 - 6/2 - 2002
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Hotel. My room is the one with the window open. My view is below.

My hotel room view. Hill is off camera to the right. The parking lot was home to local football practice each evening.

The 1st evening was spent catching up with friends. That's Jo, John and Chris - Organizers of this great event.

Darren usually has the coffee but when you're this close to Ireland, it's hard to pass up the Guinness.

Our 1st stop on expedition day was at the Feshiebridge.

2nd stop was one of many castles (I've dedicated a page to them).

Kent and I visited a couple of Distilleries on day 3.

Choo Choo. I also have a picture of me on "Nesse", the Loch Ness monster, but the government is trying to keep his existence secret and they took Kent's film.

The Old Bridge of Livet is from the 1500's. Now that's old. I've always said we are no smarter than we were back then, we just know more now.

The Glenfidich distillery makes the worlds most popular single malt scotch in the world.

We got our tour from Carole Auld. No relation but quite the coincidence.

The grounds of the distillery were stunning.

These are the actual stills. They had a shitload of them (that's 24 for the slow folk).

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