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Highland Wheels Extreme - Aviemore Scotland - General Event
5/31 - 6/2 - 2002
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What a motley crew.

You could see the town of Aviemore from the start line.

Red Bull provided tents and of course Red Bull. They're everywhere huh?

We had a really great pit tent. Luckily we did not need it to stay dry.

The course is on the left just below the ski runs.

Along with Chris& Jo Beard, Eric and Jet, John Bates gets my tireless award for building 3 butt boards and two luges during the time he spent setting up the course. I got tired just watching him (which is about all I did!).

We had a riders meeting each evening. Very informal with no troublemakers.

Lovely "Pooh" undies Pete.

Oh yeah, John Bates drove the van with the equipment trailer all weekend too.

Dave Darren and I got a chance to do some filming for British TV (Channel 4).

Pete Eliot is the Bob Ozman of the UK. He cannot sit still and we all had fun pointing that out. Made him think even more if that's possible.

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