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Gravity Games 2001 - Podium & Party
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I'm sure Rat is used to this by now. I wish I was :)

4-man podium was 1st: Rat, 2nd: Biker, 3rd: Fryer.

6-man podium was 1st: Rat, 2nd: Kurtis, 3rd: David Kelly.

There was a rather interesting relay race this year. 4 street luge riders went down and as they crossed the finish line their corresponding standup rider took off the start. Race winners Rhuhman and Dane van Bommel got cool trophies.

The Gravity Games gave us disposable cameras as gifts. I think there were 20 or so at the party. I'm sure somebody got something incriminating (I was not so lucky).

Yeah, it's a party.

A happy one at that...

Hmmm. I'm not sure what this means. Scott?

Olivier got me back seconds later.

We once again voted for Best Sportsman, Most Improved and Most Charismatic. Guess who won best sportsman? Who didn't vote for John is what I want to know.

Again, who didn't vote for James as most improved (he qualified second ya know).

It was nice to see Biker's dad at the party... It's been a while.

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