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Gravity Games 2001 - General Event Photos
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The 3rd annual Gravity Games were once again held in downtown Providence Rhode Island.

We rode the same course but had great weather this year. Check the crowd in later pictures to see how it grew.

Beagle crosses the finish line at the end of his 1st practice run.

Darren brings up the rear in the 1st 4-man heat.
Photo Courtesy of Charlie Auld

Pam and Justin round the final corner in their 1st 4-man heat. The same criteria was used to determine 6-man racers - top 3 finishers in the 1st 4-man heat.
Photo Courtesy of Charlie Auld

The Gravity Games provided lots of amenities ... including free massages. I wonder why there was a line...

I had too little too late in my 1st 4-man heat.
Photo Courtesy of Charlie Auld

Some family members made it to this event as well. That's Dad and his wife Anna.

Rob "leads" his 4-man heat. There is actually someone out in front, just not in frame.
Photo Courtesy of Charlie Auld

The pits were autograph central this year. Fast Eddy and Pam were obliging.

Chris was a little out of control on the course until he switched wheels. Here he signs his old ones for the crowd. He's so generous.

Kurtis shows us why he has such a great start - he's all muscle this year.

The guys in the 6-man consolation race decided to have some fun. Positions 7-12 were decided by qualifying times so instead of risking injury, they stopped after the 1st turn and traded boards. They then proceeded to wave to the crowd all the way down.

Bob was in that race and is now riding a Bod-Rodz board.

What are friends for. Get well soon Wade.

Check out the crowd now!

The start of the 6-man final. L-R David Kelly, George Orton, Biker, Dennis Derammelaere, Rat Sult and Kurtis Head.

Finish of the 6-Man. Front to Back: Rat, Kurtis, David, George, Biker, Dennis.

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