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EDI Pikes Peak 2001

EDI hosted it's last Gravity Games qualifier in Pikes Peak CO.

I arrived at Manitou Springs at 1:30 am. Full moon. A sign?

It was a beautiful part of the country. Maybe we can race on this part of the road next year.

We hung out all weekend. This is why I keep racing.

The top of Pikes Peak was nice when we arrived but we soon got hailed upon. That stuff hurts!

Officer Warren pulled us over after coming down the mountain as Mike had the brakes up to 575 degrees. We hung out waiting for someone to top it but nobody did.

SoBe (now part of the company I work for - Pepsi) was kind enough to provide free drinks.

The course started out pretty flat so to do well you had to have a push like Scott here.

Amateur final was (L-R) Brian Kiggins, Rusty Riley, Doug Anderson and Sean West (he pushed so fast I missed him!)

Amateur Podium: 1st - Doug Anderson, 2nd Sean West, 3rd Rusty Riley (F-6 Racing's 1st podium).

Pro final was (R-L) Biker, Kurtis Head, Manu Antuna and John Freyer.

The finalist round turn one.

Pro Podium: Biker, Manu, Freyer.

Beagle's last remaining chance at a Gravity Games slot.


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