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Hot Heels 2001 - Amsterdam
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Marcus, Pam, Brent and I had a cool adventure in Amsterdam on the way home. Everything came together so we could all have a really great time. I highly recommend it.        Oh... that's the train station in the center of town.

Also in the center of town was Dam Square, under construction when I was here last time in March 2001.

Across the street from our hotel was the cafe Nasty. Next time.

We used this landmark to make our way home...

This was a cool little bar we used as a meeting place.
Actually taken the day after. Our real adventure is completely undocumented... thank god.

I'm in full tourist mode at this point. Pretty though.


My neighbors took these shots on their 2004 trip to Amsterdam. I should have gone with them!

Clever little Dutch.

The true morning after. Marcus found a traditional Dutch breakfast for us.

Everything seems a bit off kilter in Amsterdam. I don't think it was me.

Back to tourist mode.


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