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Hot Heels 2001 - Podium & Party
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I assume Dave is used to the camera by now.

Gerhard (and the owner of the guest house I was staying in) provided cool little trees for the winners to plant - forever making their mark at Hot Heels.

A special run of the ladies resulted in a podium for Pam.

Classic podium was Dave, Gerhard and Brent .

Street Luge Podium - Dave, Brent and Nick.

Only at Hot Heels do they roll out the BAR! This was at the pit area and opened up each night for the parties and live bands.

I think there were three live bands each night. The mosh pit was going strong. Just ask bruised and battered Marcus (and a chick did it!)

The bands were serious.

Yeah, it got a bit out of control...

Maybe more than a bit...

OK, this one takes some explaining... There's this guy nickname of Spiderman, he goes down the hill with in-line wheels attached to a plastic suit. No board, not on his feet. He goes on his arms and legs head first. It's completely nuts. Anyway, at night he put glowing wheels on and I got this photo.

The Street Lugers go to make their mark.

Dig deep, ensure it lives!

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