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This is not a postcard - It really is this beautiful ALL the time!

As usual, the traditional hotel photo.

Red Bull provided one of the pit tents but that's not what I'm looking at.

Kent was there to immortalize us all. Check out his site at

Jochen Baumann was one of 3 Snake Boarders. He also did Luge and the Party event.

Marcus made it to his 1st Hot Heels event. I think he was impressed. He worked hard too.

I should be getting an e-mail from these guys so I can tell you their names but I was certainly flattered when I saw these boards. Check it out.

The course hasn't changed much but for a little paving going into turn three. Less snow on the mountain as the last few years the event was held in late May.

I seemed to notice a few more ambulances than last year. Maybe that's why no one got hurt.

The student and the teacher. George is from the local town of Feichten and wowed us all when he raced in 1999 and 2000. He was busy working and climbing this year.

No wonder Chris gets all the good shots, he's part monkey! I guess we all are when you think about it.

This was podium for the party event. I was not even a contender this year (getting old?)

#1 going #1 - Sorry, couldn't resist Gerhard.

Two Legends reminiscing. Both Jochen and Stefan have bad backs and did not compete.

Chris Chaput and I arrived in the rain, after being up for over 30 hours and with only 1/2 our luggage. I was still unbelievably happy to be at Hot Heels!

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