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Red Bull DHX - Capetown South Africa
March 3-5, 2001
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Event Photos
The Red Bull DHX race was held from March 3rd through the 5th in Capetown South Africa. This was the 3rd year for the event and the 3 hour telecast was shown LIVE to the county of South Africa.

What Red Bull Race would be complete without the car?

A few of us took to the beach soon after our arrival on Thursday.

Practice was held at a hill several miles away as they could not close the race road for three days. The white vans drove us anywhere we wanted to go. Nobody needed to rent a car. That's what I call service.

John Fryer leads a Brit and Darren into the last turn at practice. The road was very rough and most only took a run or two before heading to lunch by the beach.

Some local school kids came out to watch practice and were thoroughly thrilled.

This is the view as we head back to the hotel after practice. We saw this kind of stuff the whole trip. This is called False Bay and the Cape of Good Hope is just over the hill.

Barbara, Gerhard and Marcus lead the riders meeting in the hotel courtyard. I was lucky my room faced this way so I could work on my board, get the info from the meeting and still make the nightly party. That's right, we were treated to an open bar and free food Friday, Saturday and Sunday night! Boy did I need a rest.

Course Map. Most of the action occurred at the two hair pins in the center and the fan's were packed pretty tight in that area. Red Bull had an amazing Guest area for their VIP's. Fully catered and champagne flowing of course.

My only course photo - leading into turn one. We picked up speed pretty quickly so that we all had to brake for the 1st hairpin turn.

Photo from the local Cape Times. This was my 1st heat (I'm out of frame - in front!). The leader in this shot is Jeremy Gilder - trying his new leggless style.

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