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Twin Pines Road - Practice with Buds.
I finally remembered to bring my camera to a practice session at the infamous Twin Pines road (Cheese Grater for some - the road is a little rough).

This is a shot of the 1st two major turns of the hill - Wonderview (the right) and the Burm Turn (the lefty).

The group enters Wonderview.  That's Rob Ruhman, Darren Lott, Dave Rogers, John Rogers and Pat Moody.

Here's Darren as he heads for the apex of Wonderview.  Wait till you see what he's riding now!  Probably 1,000 hours of work (I think he sleeps in his dad's garage on the weekends)

I've been coming to this hill for probably 3 maybe 4 years now and never knew why the guys called that turn Wonderview.  Duh... there's a sign.

Here's one of the Wonder Views.

Scott "Skid" Nadeau made the trip all the way from the Phoenix area.  He picked up his Rogers Bros. board, have you got yours?

Another shot of the pack.  That's Dave (on a butt board by the way), Rob, John (with his new little camera mounted to his helmet), Pat & Darren.

The group enters the Burm Turn.  Scott looks on to get the line.

I'm sure you've all see this sign before.  Guess what, we had a nice day!

As you leave Twin Pines (on your way to the Badlands hill) you get to see this all the way down the mountain.

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