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West LA College - Nov. 19, 2000 - ButtBoard

The Westwood Ski Club and the IGSA teamed up to put on a series of skateboard, in-line, gravity bike and Buttboard races on November 19th at the West L.A. College campus.

The Bike and Buttboard course started with a rather steep section and then we meandered into the parking lot to a hard 180 degree left around a median.  This is were the race was won or lost. 

The dip at the bottom of the course was covered by plywood to ease the transition.  We carried a lot of speed through this section.

We carried so much speed in fact, that Chris McBride had trouble making the 1st right hander.  The Randal R-II broke but I'm glad he had grade 8 bolts holding the truck because otherwise... 

Another shot of the fastest part of the hill. Nice grouping.

We had about 4 hours of practice if we wanted it.  Unfortunately, we had to walk up the hill each time we wanted a run.

As mentioned, the last part of the course was a hard left hander.  Here Rob Ruhman takes a shot at the turn.  The finish line is behind me (photographer) and to the left.

Darren takes the same turn in fine form.  He did well as usual

Mac made a trip to the "other side" winning his 1st Gravity Bike amateur race.  Thanks for the leathers dude.

There was a little question about the 2nd and 3rd place finishers as nobody was actually watching the finish line (other than the riders).  Bob tried but Dave prevailed.

Apparently we had the largest field for a Classic (ButtBoard) race in the US.

Our fearless leaders.  L - Scott Peer (Westwood Ski Club) & R - Marcus Rietema (IGSA).

Our fearless winners. 
1st - Darren Lott * 2nd - Dave Rogers * 3rd - Bob Ozman

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