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BARRETT Junction Grand Prix
Oct 7-8, 2000 - Results Here

Frank Waterhouse and Marcus Rietama hosted the 2000 Barrett Junction Grand Prix on Barrett Smith RD in southern San Diego county.
Darren Lott pointed out that the event reminded him of the old Bonelli Days of FIGR and EDI.  A bunch of new riders showed up and added a lot of energy to the event.  Better than the Bonelli days was the fact that we were all away from home and many either camped out or headed to Mexico. Frank Waterhouse let us in on a great find - the best Tacos I've every had.  The chef's pet parrot was the entertainment for the night as he liked climbing on the table and shoulders.  He liked chili too.

Lots of events at this race:

2 Man Street Luge
4 Man Street Luge
Gravity Bikes
In Line
Butt Board

Saturday morning started with some information about the 2001 IGSA season including a February X Games qualifier at this very hill.  The merger of the IGSA anda the Austrian group led by Gerhard Lanz was also announced.

Jamz Olson in an afternoon practice run on Saturday. Jamz made the trip all the way from Flagstaff AZ and advanced past the 1st round of both the 2 and a4 man events.

OK.  This thing (called the RevoLUGEtion) certainly got some attention.  Head 1st, hand steered with hydraulic damping and no real breaks (spinning out seams to work best).

The RevoLUGEtion in action.  He didn't contribute much to the skid marks.

Chris MacBride made the longest trip all the way from Seattle WA.  Chris even signed up for the Butt Board race (He'd never ridden one before and had to borrow Darren's Demo board).  I think he's hooked.

If Waldo isn't careful, lines will soon be forming at his pit.

We had several long breaks during the weekend and lots of people made use of it.  Here, John Rogers shows off his free-styling skills.

Frank's unique stopping technique during his qualifying run.

I never actually saw this go down the hill but it's another head 1st ride.

Pat Moody (Rogers Bros. protégé) qualiafied 4th - kicking my ass.

Bob Ozman had a good day as you'll see in the Podium Shots later on.

No one had ANY fun!

There was an unofficial Junior race with Neil Orta's sons Chase (5) and Forrest (8) finishing 1-2 and Frank's son Dylan finishing 3rd.  I think anything with wheels qualified! Chase and Forrest actually managed safety in turn 3 during the Butt Board Race. They were great!

4 Man Street Luge Final
 1st-Dave Rogers   2nd-Bob Ozman   3rd-John Rogers

2 Man Street Luge Final.
1st-Dave Rogers   2nd-John Rogers   3rd-Darren Lott
I finished 6th

Butt Board Final.
1st-Darren Lott   2nd-Dave Rogers   3rd-Bob Ozman
I finished 5th.

The Waterhouse's put on a real race.  Both worked very hard to make the local event a memorable one!  Thanks.

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