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NBC - Gravity Games 2000
July 16 (Results)

I apologize for the lack of RACE photos in this series but I was busy racing and our resident photographer (Kent Kochheiser) did not make the trip.  Check out Gravity for some race photos and videos.
Let me in!

From the finish line looking up hill. Crowds arrived after practice (which started at 6:30 am because of a fear of rain).

The announcer tower housed both NBC officials and EDI announcer John Moore who entertained the crowd in-between heats.

The course.  Interesting note, a box truck took our luge boards back up the hill via Meeting St. (top of map).  As a courtesy, the driver pulled over to let a car get by but when he continued on he took out a bay window of a house.  Our return rout was out of commission for several hours while the fire department saw to the accident.

A great place to watch the racing was at the finish line as a huge Jumbo-Tron was available.  On the screen are Wade and Rob just before the 6-Man final.

The 4-Man final was Rat Sult in 1st, George Orton in 2nd and Wade Sokol in 3rd.

No, this is not he same photo (although I can see the temptation to think so). Rob Ruhman won the 6-Man while George and Wade repeated as 2nd & 3rd place finishers.

All the racers stormed the finish line to congratulate the winners.  The photographers went wild.

The Rhode Island School of Design expressed their opinion of the Rogers Brother board design.  I couldn't agree more.

Rob's 1st national TV interview.

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