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Hot Heels 2000 - The Crazy Brits
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One of the reasons I was looking forward to attending this years Hot Heel's event was to spend time with the British contingent.  They did not disappoint.
The british style was sometimes a bit leggy.  It worked as Jeremy made the semi's of the classic race.

Laura obviously learned from Jeremy.  This was Laura's 1st Hot Heels event and she qualified ahead of 2 of her countrymen, a swiss rider and a German.

Pete Love laughs hysterically as he watches out for riders behind him.  The carrousel was a crash zone for lots of riders.

Dan Bates (youngest competitor at 14) uses his noggin to spread some hay around.

Those Brits are so considerate. Tom even thought Dan was a "hay packer"

Tom has another encounter with a British based crash in the carrousel.

Pete Eliot was very fast and eventually qualified 5th and finished the Luge event in 8th.  Here he looks for a line to pass Darren.

I know South Africa is only a former colony of Great Britain but this photo of Stuart Bradburn is so cool I just had to include it.

Laura, Pete, Jeremy and Pete waiting for the next run (only 2 Petes this year).

At the race party in the pit area they showed their true colors (white!).  Jeremy actually bullshitted me for 10 minutes to get this shot (the camera was still handing around my neck).  Obviously not the 1st time they pulled this off.
My guess is Pete Love, Tom Green, Guy Coates and Richard Hodkinson (and for the record, this is JUST a guess!).

Tom Green was playing monkey that night.  He also spent time on the inside of the tent roof (hanging from the bar he is standing on).

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